The pharmacy of Levi is located at the heart of Levi Ski Resort and in the same building as Levimarket. You will be serviced by our staff, which consists of adept professionals, who are also proficient in multiple languages. The well-being and health of our customers is our number one priority.

The pharmacy of Kittilä is located at the municipal centre of Kittilä, approximately three kilometres from the airport. Additionally, there is a small pharmacy service point at the Kittilä Airport, where one can get the most common non-prescription drugs and other products one might need on a flight, such as earplugs, hand creams, band-aids etc.

There is a wide selection of prescription drugs and self-care products available in our pharmacy. Our professional staff will provide you with the appropriate advice on safe and effective usage of the products. In addition to medication, also vitamins, bandages, cosmetics and skin care products, joint supports etc. are available in our selection. If the product you are looking for is not available, we will try and get the product for next day or find a similar product for you.

Your well-being is important to our adept and service-oriented staff. You can visit us to ask for advice, for example. in treating frostbitten skin or a chafing from a ski boot. Flu in its early stages, an ear that has been plugged during a flight or constipation do not necessarily require physician’s treatment. In most cases they can be taken care of with the expert advice from us and aided by our high-quality products. If need be, we will refer you to a physician’s reception.